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Upcoming Events

Maine Maple Fall Fest 2023

Columbus Day Weekend October 9-10, 9-4

Come and visit us and learn about how we make maple syrup. Each day you will be able to watch mini donuts being made fresh.

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Health Benefits of Maple Syrup

Pure Maple Syrup contains several benefits, including 24 natural antioxidants that can reduce the damage of free radicals causing inflammation and reduce various chronic disease.

Fun Facts

  1. By only drilling a small hole in the trees, and removing a small portion of the tree sap we do little damage to the trees.
  2. The sap from the Maple tree is then simply concentrated by our modern wood fire evaporator into syrup, by removing the majority of the water in the sap.
  3. The caramel color is produced from the cooking process that caramelizes the sugars.

Helpful Info

  • Maple Syrup is also available in our self service honor system cabinet on our front porch.
  • We can ship anywhere in the United States.
  • For large quantity requests please contact us.
  • We offer wedding gift options for those interested in sweetening their special day! Learn More